T&T’s knowledge-based economy: Institutional Regime and Innovation System

In the words of Judy Lake, vice president of Information Technology Services at the University of Trinidad and Tobago:

“As a nation, Trinidad now has greater expectations. We don’t want to go back; we don’t know how to go back. The only way is the way forward, the way onwards towards the vast opportunities for creative minds to welcome the era of the knowledge-based economy.”


With Tamana InTech Park, the country is going forward and onwards to a knowledge-based economy.

A knowledge-based economy (KBE) is one in which the production, distribution and use of knowledge are the main drivers of growth, wealth-creation and employment across all industries.

Last week’s blog article examined Trinidad and Tobago’s readiness for ushering in a new era of a knowledge-based economy by looking at two of the four World Bank pillars:
(1) ICT Infrastructure
(2) Education and Skills

Now we’ll look at the final two pillars:
(3) Economical and Institutional Regime
(4) Innovation System

How does Trinidad and Tobago measure up to other countries in these World Bank pillars?

How will Tamana InTech Park bolster the nation’s economy?

How does the Trinidad & Tobago Innovation Centre (TTIC) at Tamana InTech Park fit into the national innovation system?

Click here to read the article published today in the Trinidad Express, part 2 of the articles series, discussing the final two of the four World Bank Pillars: (3) Economical and Institutional Regime and (4) Innovation System.


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