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Data Storage & Management Tour of Park

Flagship Building

A Data Storage and Management Tour of Tamana InTech Park was held today on 16th June, 2010.

Attendees from the Working Group included representatives of Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT) and Chapman’s Self Storage & Records Management, among others.

The guests were chaperoned by e TecK personnel and Safety Officers to view the Flagship Building, which is designed to ensure sustainable requirements including the efficient use of air, energy, water and other materials.

Flagship Building

The building’s design helps it to maximise day lighting, ensure optimum air quality to occupants, provide individual control of the thermal environment, and utilise plants and screens to block external noise.

The Flagship Building is well on its way to completion and is expected to be fully operational later this year in time for the soft launch of Tamana InTech Park.

The Data Storage and Management Working Group members were also given a brief tour of the entire Park, and led through the area reserved for Linear Park, which will traverse the entire width of the Tamana site and feature: a Moriche Palm Reserve, indoor and outdoor exhibits related to nature and technology, interactive walking and biking trails, and more.

Moriche Palm

The response from the Working Group attendees about the tour was positive, in particular their interest in the sustainable elements of the Flagship building such as the siphoning process of drainage rainwater to be recycled and used for flushing toilets.

They also liked the incorporation of roof gardens and terraces, which will be used for general recreation as well as corporate social events — a much-welcomed blend of work and play within the same building for the comfort and enjoyment of the tenants.

For more information on the possibility of being able to tour Tamana InTech Park, please contact Jossane Felix at