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ICT Cluster: Data Storage and Management Meeting

A Data Storage and Management Working Group Meeting was held on Tuesday 25th, 2010 at e TecK offices in San Juan, Trinidad.

Attendees included representatives of Teleios Systems Ltd., the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT), and Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT).

The purpose was to discuss the Working Group Charter and objectives of the working group, in an attempt to re-engage and mobilize the working groups within the ICT Clusters in Trinidad & Tobago.

Some of the issues discussed by the cluster members were:

  •  It is better to partner with local companies
  •  There must be interaction amongst the current players in the industry
  • How will e TecK facilitate different facets of the cluster process?
  •  How do we connect our objectives to the curriculum and programmes at the universities?

Quantitative research: questionnaires

It was decided that a questionnaire must be developed which would extract from the current players in the industry, opportunities and threats.

Questionnaires would target the following: Key customers, Key providers, Banks, Energy sector, Insurance companies, Larger customers.

The deadline of the end of June  was set for the assembling of information to get other members to contribute to the questionnaire, to engender dialogue with the ICT Clusters Steering Committee.

The Working Group would like to present a real life case study on the services that surround Data Storage and Management and IP creation at the upcoming National ICT Symposium, which will be held in November 2010.

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